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Unwavering Focus: The Power of Keeping God at Our Right Hand

Psalm 16:8 offers a profound declaration of faith and trust in God. It states that the psalmist has set the Lord always before him, and because God is at his right hand, he will not be shaken.

This verse is a powerful testament to the stabilizing influence of God in our lives. It speaks of a conscious decision to keep God at the forefront of our thoughts, to make Him our constant point of reference. This is not a passive or occasional acknowledgment of God’s presence. It’s an active, deliberate choice to keep God at the center of our lives, to set Him always before us.

The phrase “at my right hand” is significant. In biblical times, the right hand was a symbol of power, authority, and honor. To have God at our right hand is to acknowledge His authority over our lives. It’s to recognize His power to guide, protect, and sustain us. It’s to honor Him as our Lord and King.

The promise of this verse is not that we will be free from challenges or difficulties. The promise is that they will not shake us. We will not be overwhelmed or defeated. Because God is with us, we can face any situation with confidence and courage. We can navigate any storm with peace and assurance. We can stand firm in the face of adversity, knowing that we are not alone, that we are not powerless, that we are not without hope.

In conclusion, Psalm 16:8 is a powerful affirmation of our faith and trust in God. It encourages us to keep God at the forefront of our lives, to acknowledge His authority and power, and to trust in His ability to stabilize and sustain us. As we do so, we can face any situation with confidence and courage, knowing that we will not be shaken, for our God is with us.